How To Change Voice From Male to Female or Female to Male In Second Life Game

Second Life is a great online game in which people may live a very real virtual life with an avatar. But, what if you want play differently by disguising sex e.g., male as female or female as male? The avatar feature of the game would give you a chance to disguise your appearance quite easily. And a voice changer software would be perfect for disguising your voice to completely blend into that virtual world.

So, in this article, we will show you how to use the voice changer software program called AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with the ingame's voice client to change your voice from female to male or male to female.
Using voice changer software allow one blend into the virtual completely


  • Thanks to the Virtual Audio Device technology, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond works with most instant messengers, VoIP programs and ingame's voice chat systems. This device can usually be detected by the system and therefore it is easily to be switched on instead of primary sound device.
  • The below steps will show you how to make this device work with the voice chat client of the game.

Here's how:

Step 1/2: Make sure that the voice changer software program running in Virtual Audio Device mode

  • Via the program's main panel, click on Preferences menu.
  • On the VCS Settings dialog box, make sure that Virtual driver Mode (1) is selected.
  • Hit Apply and OK button (2) to apply the new settings.
    screenshot of voice changer software diamond - select Virtual Driver Mode
    Select Virtual driver Mode for Voice Changer Software to work with Second Life game

    Step 2/2: Config Second Life's ingame audio settings

    • Log in your account and start Second Life.
    • Click on Edit menu (1), select Preferences.
    screenshot of second life - edit, preferences
    open the Preferences of the game to config the audio settings
    • On the Preferences window, select Voice Chat (3) from the left.
    • Then, click on Device Settings button (4), select the [Avnex Virtual Audio Device] (5) under Input device (microphone).
    screenshot of device settings of second life game
    select Avnex Virtual Audio Device as default device for the microphone
    • Hit (X) (6) to save the settings and exit Voice Chat Device Settings window and back to Voice Chat setting. Hit OK button (7) to save changes again.
    screenshot of device settings in second life game
     click Ok button (7) to save the changes
    Now, run the Voice Changer Software Diamond program when you are in game and want to disguise your voice. And, if you are new to this, the below tips would be in help for you on learning how to use voice morphing in the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond program.

    Good Luck!

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