How To Make Your Voice Sound Like Bane

I was asked many times before when joining in discussion at some software & computer forums about how to use AV Voice Changer Software 8.0 Diamond for imitating, to simulating or modulating the voice of Bane - a very very masked bad guy in Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) but has a really cool voice.

Bane's voice is of something similar to Optimus Prime's voice which can be archive with AV Voice Changer Software

However, at that time, when I was asked, I have no idea of how Bane, his voice would sound like until when I had a chance to watch it on TV last week. And, for a very quick decision, I see that I should write this post quickly for my blog and for my readers.


Here's how:

Step 1/3: Make sure that av voice changer software program is working in Virtual Audio Device mode

    **If you are going to use the voice changer program for making prank calls on VoIP application or instant messengers or ingames, it is recommended that you should not skip this step.
    • On the program's main panel top-menu, select Preferences.
    • Then, on the VCS Settings dialog box, make sure that Virtual driver Mode (1) is selected.
    • Hit Apply and OK button (2) to apply the new settings.
    screenshot of voice changer software diamond - VAD settings
    AV Voice Changer Software Diamond works with most ingame voice chat system, VoIP programs and instant messengers

    **Do you know that AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with its Hooking algorithm used to be king of the real-time voice changer programs for years? 
    Hooking algorithm allows the program to intercept output/input streams of any PC applications and change them (put effects on them) at your will. However, for the time being, the Virtual Driver solution is highly recommended in all cases for its well compatibility, stability and quality.

    Step 2/3: Mix Pitch, Timbre, Advance Tune and voice effects to optimize your voice and create a Bane's voice changing effect

    This is the basic thing and should also be the first thing to start:
    • Run the Voice Changer Software Diamond program.
    • Make sure that the program status is ON by checking the ON/OFF button at top-left of the program's right-hand-side panel.
    • Move the cursor on the Pitch-Timbre graph (also called the Morpher graph) to change the voice. For me, Pitch = 174%Timbre = 85 % and Advanced tune = 40% is good enough.
    • Within the Equalizer (3), click on Preset and select Tender.

    screenshot of Voice Changer Diamond's pitch timbre
    working with pitch and timbre in Voice Changer Software Diamond
    • Go to Preferences, Voice Effects, expand Tremolo effect folder and enable Tremor effect. You are now very close to a good Bane voice changer software.
    screenshot of bane - voice changer software - voice effects
    adding Trimor effect to make the voice sounds more like Bane

    While adjusting the Pitch & Timbre, you can turn the Duplex  ON  to preview the changes in real time. Then make more necessary changes still getting the result voice that you like best.
    And rest assured that you do not miss the premium add-on section where you can download many more voice & audio effect to use for enhancing your voice output quality.
    • Voice sample | original
    • Voice sample (sounds like Bane) | with above settings applied (Final Result would be)

    Step 3/3: More audio effects and voice enhancers will give better output result on targeted Bane's voice 

    If you are a hard-to-satisfy type of person and not satisfy with the above result, I'd suggest trying the below. These are the very final skills I have :D:

    Vowel Enhancer

    Add harmonic changes to fix out-of-tune notes or changes key of singing voice without affecting timbre and pitch. Go to right panel, choose Vowel Enhancer to open Vowel Enhancer's setting and try some changes to the sliders as per illustrated in the image below:
    Vowel Enhancer for better optimizing your voice for more natural voice

    **This is the very useful features that only AV Voice Changer Software 8.0 Diamond has. You will not able to find this in any Bane voice changer; neither in software program nor in hardware.

    Background Effects

    There are various environment sound files ready-to-use in this section. However, for Bane's fans, we see that the sound files, for example, cracking noise, fighting sound, ambient background music are really cool. You may find them from the Internet or you can also extract them from your favorite movies.
    • To load the background audio, click on Background Effects icon via the Left panel. 
      • Turn it on 
      • Click on Add Effects button and browse to your sound files, for example, cracking noise, fighting sound, ambient background music. 
      • Hit Open button to import. 
      • Click OK button to finish.
      ** Disguising your voice can be an enjoyable entertainment or skill to develop, especially if you are interested in acting. Playing pranks on friends can be fun too, but be careful not to push it too far ^^.

      Good Luck!

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