Autumn is in the air, but the summer fun hasn’t ended yet. I have an idea for you…

This fun summer is about to end and the cool, lovely autumn is coming. These days are also Back to School time, when students all over the world prepare for their new school year. So, the idea I would like to share today is the back-to-school sale with an exclusive offer that only available at my blog ( for the av voice changer software and more...

40% OFF for VoizGame, Voice Changer Software Basic/ GOLD/ Diamond

Any of the four and the others (below), ALL on sale until August 27th!

Here's my & your Exclusive CODE: AVSO-N2V2-JISE

Please make your choice and click the link!

40% OFF for VoizGame

The 3 below is known as higher editions of AV VoizGame.

40% OFF for Voice Changer Software Basic

40% OFF for Voice Changer Software GOLD

40% OFF for Voice Changer Software DIAMOND

BTW, you may ask what can these programs bring to you? Below are the ideas:

  • Special, vivid audio and video effects to polish your summer clips, and
  • Funny voices and background images to decorate your virtual self, and 
  • A powerful sound multi-channel editor to gear up your mobile phones with your own unique ringtones, …
  • Share your creative work with your friends, and enjoy great times laughing together.

And, make sure that you do not miss my topic on  when do you need a voice changing for in-games voice chat and online fun?

Good Luck!

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